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Team Adarna:Persona Tarot Meme by Rouellene Team Adarna:Persona Tarot Meme by Rouellene
This is the first time I ever answered a meme^^
And I've always wanted to!!!XD
this one is created by :iconnaturereborn:, you can find the original blank one here [link]

Since I only inserted my Inazuma Eleven OCs of Team Adarna...I left in some vacant Arcanas, I decided to put in some other OCs in it instead...

btw, I used the drawings of my friends :iconcard-queen: and :iconribbon-knight: because they look better than mine^^

I really wanted to answer this due to my current obsession of the Persona games XD
during my creation of OCs for that series,I couldnt decide what their initial arcana would be,and then, another random idea struck me, not only did I search for my Persona OCs, but also for my other OCs, I wanted to know what kind of arcana would be compatible for them...and this is all I could think of right now...

At first I cant choose...

*Whether to put Rosa or Sol in Justise...
*Maya or Rosa in Hermit...
*Nene or Andrea in Strenght or Chariot...
*Cris in Hierophant or Priestess...
*Shiela in Tower or Magician...

But in the end I'll let you tarot experts out point my mistakes out for me...-_-"
Anyways, hope you guys like it!!^^
Snow-the-Wanderer Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013
Ahhh this is so cool!! ;v;
This is such a cool meme, and all your OCs fit wonderfully in it!! >v<
Lovely job!!! xDD
Card-Queen Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hoooooow cuuuuuuuuuute!!
I can't wait to see it fully filled it. I'm not the tarot expert (hint hint, it's Ribbon) but I love Michaela as High Priestess.
I know a bit about the High Priestess and that makes sense for Michaela.

Also... :iconcblushplz:'s really, really sweet that you used mine and Ribbon's art for your meme. You're too nice. :hug:
Rouellene Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Im still trying to think who should be in what???
I didnt really compare the characters based on the what the arcana represents...but with the characteristics of the arcana's holder in the Persona games...

For example...Chie's intial persona arcana is the Chariot...accourding to the Shin Megami Tensei Wiki, most characters of this Tarot are aggressive and short-tempered...which is something Andrea is like...

The reason I answered this meme is to give you guys a clue on what the Adarna girls' personalities are like...since I havent finished making everyones bio yet...

And also...your welcome!!!^^
I just thought that yours and Prim's art would look more suitable to be inserted in these kinds of things...since...y'know...I cant do digital art afterall...-_-"
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